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Anonymous: Her contract also expired

But at the time of filming it stated she was not to die on screen :).

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tobefearfulofthenight: Do you think Kirby could have survived Scream 4? I think it's interesting that she's one of the only characters that isn't lingered on long enough for us to see the light leave her eyes, so to speak. We see her get stabbed, but never actually see her stop breathing.

She is most probably alive. Her contract stated that she was not to die on screen.

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Anonymous: whats your favorite scary movie?

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Anonymous: can you make a gifset of sidney punching gale and tatum saying "bam, bitch went down!"

Yeah I’ll find it and reblog it for you :).

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wizardbilbo: in your opinion who was the worst scream death?

Probably Angelina Tyler, didn’t care much for her death haha.

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@_NicoTortorella: fuckinmemories.

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Anonymous: Have you noticed in all the scream movies that they all have 2 ghost face killers except in scream 3 there is only one ghost face killer ?

Haha yup, I liked that there was only one in Scream 3, I think that shocked people.

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mots-mots-mots: Why, in the first Scream, Billy and his friend kill Sidney's mother? And why they are the killers? And why they are so fuc*k tup (psycho) at the end of the movie? Thanks