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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
The status on Scream 5 is currently unknown.
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Scream and Halloween Parallels

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Anonymous: Did you know that when Casey's father says to her mother in Scream "go down to the Mackenzie's" that's a reference to another horror movie I should know.

Yup. Gonna reblog something that has that in now actually :).

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Anonymous: I don't know about what scream 5 would be about but I think scream 6 would be epic if they had Sydney be the killer. After everything she just snaps.

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NEWS: Kevin Williamson still has plans for ‘Scream 5′ and ’6′

I mean we already knew this but it’s still some news I guess.

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jocastachrist: what about the tv show? :~(

Still waiting for more news about that. Sometimes I’m like is it actually happening because it was apparently gonna air this summer but obvs not now :(

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watchout4fanny: Hey I'm obsessed with the scream movies and I love them and I've been researching to see if there's gonna be a fifth and I'm so confused any info

No Scream 5 yet. Doubt we’ll get one any time soon :(.

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You’ve got your love scar to prove it.

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Anonymous: your ass tastes like lemon squares:)

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Anonymous: Your lemon squares taste like ass

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Anonymous: I heard that a few members were casted for Scream 5 including Neve. Truth or nah?