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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
The status on Scream 5 is currently unknown.
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Neve Campbell on ‘Mad Men,’ ‘90s Nostalgia, and Why the ‘Scream’ Movie Franchise is Over


The fact that Neve thinks that Scream 5 won’t happen is sad :(.

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Anonymous: I've always thought that sex scenes in horror movies were for the ones that were too crappy or cheap to be rated above PG-13 for actual scariness and so needed some nudity to up the age rating to make it seem like it is going to be better than it actually is.

Haha I have no idea, I always think it’s because they know a lot of teens go see it and thats what a lot wanna see? I have no idea tbh.

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lana-del-lay-lay: What's your order of Scream movies,from most favorite to least

Probably 1, 3, 2, 4. Something like that, it always changes though tbh, I love them all.

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Anonymous: Do you think the TV show is going to be the events leading up to the possible Scream 5 or just a stand-alone series?

Just a stand alone series I’d imagine.

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bitchier: if that were me in the bathroom in Scream 2 i would suck both of those Ghost Face's dicks

Lmao, well. I think you guys need to watch the porn parody of Scream.

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Anonymous: Scream 4 would've been better if Jill and Kirby went looking for everyone and found Robbie sucking Trevor's dick on the back porch.

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Happy 3rd Birthday SCREAM 4!

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Anonymous: I'm ok with a Scream TV show, as long as it's original and it hasn't been rushed through just for money. I'd like to see references to the movies, such as mention Woodsburo, however I don't want it to be based entirely from it. As long as the casting and the storylines are well developed, I'm on board! (Ps. Do you know when it will be out?)

Yeah I’, just really intrigued to see how its gonna turn out, and apparently this summer… but at this point I’m not sure if it will be this summer or not.