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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
The status on Scream 5 is currently unknown.
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Anonymous: in scream 4 when dewey finds sidney motionless, among the other dead bodies, his reaction is quite indifferent. you'd think he'd be really shocked/sad. gale was jealous of sidney too. maybe dewey and gale are tired of sidney.

Yeah I kinda wanted him to look more sad haha.

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Anonymous: hello :) i love your tumblr <3 can you do me a favor? to find more fake magazines or newspapers photos from sidney prescott etc.

Aw thank you very much, I will try but I think I’ve posted all the ones I can find before :s.

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Courteney Cox’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (X)

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Haha. Little did I know.

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Anonymous: omg there's a scream marathon in london? tbh i'd be actually scared to go. what if ghostface REALLY shows up? lmao

Lmao oh yeah, no ones stupid enough to do that haha.

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babemona: I haven't heard of the films in a while, honestly. But when I was little I was so OBSESSED with them. And then out of the blue I catch wind of a tv show in development? Holy crap, I screamed when I saw this news! I can't fricking wait!

Ano so exciting haha, you should watch the films again :D!

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rose-chain: Hi was just wondering if you saw wes cravens tweet earlier about how there's a scream athon in london in October ?:) also could you answer this publically so other British fans know ? (Ps Inbox me if you're going!)

I know I wish I could go but I live quite far away from London :(.

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the SCREAM mtv cast.

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Anonymous: am i the only one that doesn't really like randy? his 'rules' weren't exactly meaningful as people survived them. he was not an expert as he missed out the possibility of two killers and got killed anyway. he was just lame and i don't blame sidney for not dating him.

Na I know people who don’t like him haha.