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MTV's SCREAM tv series coming soon!
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So who would you guys love to see cast in the SCREAM tv show ?

  1. bradleescott answered: Katie Cassidy, Gregg Sulkin, and Zachary Levi
  2. bradleescott answered: GREGG SULKIN
  3. purgatoryboy answered: Hayden Panettiere obviously. They could work around her ‘death’.
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  5. avengingyouth answered: Jane Levy would be my first choice. Then Jessica Parker Kennedy, Max Thieriot, and Steven R. McQueen.
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    Neve Campbell by far
  7. jchastain answered: Allison Brie <3
  8. kristenschaals answered: Chloe Moretz <3
  9. returntowoodsboro answered: Hmm maybe Evan Peters.
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